Memorial Day…a reminder to each of us.

My cousin…a Marine was lost in Vietnam.  It took years to recover his body.  Thankfully, they recovered his body & were able to bring him back to American soil for a proper burial.  I still remember the day of his funeral…it’s something that I will never forget.

I remember:

  • Knowing Roger was lost in Vietnam
  • Knowing they recovered his body
  • Wearing his MIA bracelet until
  • His funeral
  • The Marines playing TAPS
  • The 21 gun salute
  • The emotions of that day
  • The reality of that day
In honor & memory of Roger (& his family) & with deep awareness of that cost – I say thanks…

Roger Eugene Wilson
VMA(AW)-224, CVW-15, 7TH FLEET
United States Marine Corps
Norfolk, Virginia
June 30, 1947 to June 11, 1972
ROGER E WILSON is on the Wall at Panel 01W Line 041
See the full profile for Roger Wilson





Roger E Wilson
usmc120.gif 7thfleet.gif
Roger Eugene Wilson
  Home of Record:  Norfolk, VA
  Date of birth:   06/30/1947

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  Service:         United States Marine Corps
  Grade at loss:   O3
  Rank:            Major
  Note:            Promoted while in MIA status
  ID No:           223622041
  MOS:             7511: PILOT VMA (AW) (I)
  Length Service:  02
  Unit:            VMA(AW)-224, CVW-15, 7TH FLEET

  Start Tour:
  Incident Date:   06/11/1972
  Casualty Date:   06/11/1972
  Age at Loss:     24
  Location:        Province not reported, North Vietnam
  Remains:         1972 status: Body Not Recovered. Found later.
  Repatriated:     07/13/1988 (Returned to US soil)
  Identified:      10/14/1988
  Casualty Type:   Hostile, died while missing
  Casualty Reason: Fixed Wing - Pilot
  Casualty Detail: Air loss or crash over land

I wanted to share his brief war story…and honor Roger as well as those that have made freedom possible…

Thanks to each & everyone one that has paid an incredible price…

Tell those in the military thanks & pray for them & their family – often.




  1. Janet Phelps

    My cousin, Roger E. Wilson was a hero. He totally believed in protecting his country. I will always remember the day he was lost and the day he was found. I also will always remember growing up with him and his beautiful voice when he sang.

    We love and miss you, Roger. I know you are in heaven with your mom & my mom & dad who loved you also. Thank you for protecting us!

    Love, Janet

  2. Diane Parks

    Thank you Bobby. What a nice tribute.

    • I think of Roger more than you might think, regarding dying for the country. I saw that Buddy posted this on fb, so I wanted to find it & say thanks as well. While also reminding the country of the real meaning of this weekend…

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