2013 Not Falling into the Resolution FAILED Trap


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2013 is upon us & most of us will set some type of New Year’s Resolutions, (whether we call them resolutions, goals or whatever is irrelevant) & most of us will fail at them, again.  In fact,  they say that 60% of all resolutions are abandoned within the 1st 6 weeks of the year!

How do we become a non-statistic in the resolution fail category?  How do we live in the 40% of those that hang in there & actually make the New Year end differently than the current one?

Here’s a few of my thoughts on how to not fall into the resolution failed trap:

1st realize that your thinking is most likely flawed from the start.  Specifically, we put too much emphasis on the resolution/goal itself.  What I mean is that we worry more about how to say it, or what to call it, more than how we are going to make it happen.  Goals are easy to state. You know the saying, “talk is cheap”.  And so it is.

Yes indeed.  We will toss out there random things we are going to do differently, or name some are of our life that we are going to change.  As if, saying it is going to do anything in & of itself.

Granted, the things we state are not unimportant.  Quite the contrary.  They are very important.  Important enough to not only state them, but to spend enough brain power on them to identify them as well.  No, they are not unimportant areas at all.  They represent something in our life that desperately needs the goal to be achieved.  However, most end with the stated intent.

How do we go beyond?

1st, realize the futility of the stated resolutions.  I don’t mean skip stating them, I mean go beyond the statement.

Put a plan together.  How will you make that change?  What specifically needs to change?

THEN, this is where the rubber hits the road.

STOP waiting on the resolution to happen.  Yup.  STOP waiting!  If any of your resolutions are going to happen, you have to start making them happen.

It’s the cumulative effect of each small decision that will lead to real change.

It’s saying yes consistently.  It’s saying no consistently.  It’s changing your attitude today.  It’s stop eating too much sugary foods today.  It’s quit drinking right now.  It’s saying your sorry more quickly.

If you don’t start making the change, there is going to be no change.  And in a few weeks, you’ll realize that you have become a statistic by falling into the failed resolution category of life.  The 60%’ers.

Too many wait for the big change, & do nothing about all the little changes that will add up to the big stuff.  Figure it out, what are the baby steps that will lead you to the end result?  Then, start right there & take a step.  Day in & day out.  365 days later, you will find that you are no longer who you used to be…your year has lead you to a better life.

“Death has plucked my ear & said, ‘live for I am surely coming'”

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