Journey is About Learning to Fully Live

Journey was originally written to record a Journey from ruin to restoration.  Now, Journey is about learning to fully live in all areas of life.  Specifically, your marriage, your body & your spirit.

Early on, the writings were about overcoming incredible odds & rebuilding.  Now, Journey is about embracing your life & learning to fully live it.

Journey will lead you through restoration, recreation & renewal, as well as leading you to more of what life has to offer you.

Learning to fully live is what my wife & I, as well as my family has learned to do.  Journey candidly records that walk, and now, Journey shares how we are embracing life and living it to the fullest.

If you make Journey a part of your life, you will learn that no matter what your story is, you can overcome it & you can also learn to live a more abundant life.

If you know someone needing, or wanting, to fully live (again), please share Journey with them.

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Journey on…

Bob AKA Pastor Bob Groves